BRAIN Listserv

The study materials on this web site are available for anyone to use. However, we have found that tremendous benefit can be derived by also becoming part of a community of like-minded, bright people who are either pursuing ABCN certification or have recently completed the process. That is the function of the BRAIN organization. To join BRAIN, simply join its e-mail listserv. The listserv is populated exclusively by BRAIN group members, and is designed to act as a forum for developing study groups and for soliciting examination preparation tips.

How to Join the BRAIN Listserv

New BRAIN members are accepted upon referral from a member of AACN or an already existing member of BRAIN (who may or may not have completed the ABPP process). This person is considered the new member’s “sponsor”. The key role of the sponsor is to vouch for the seriousness of the candidate in pursuing ABCN certification and for their suitability as a member of the listserv. The only other criterion to join BRAIN is that the new member be a licensed psychologist.

If you would like to add someone to the study group, the sponsor should contact Jen Katzenstein at with the name, email address, and a brief narrative biosketch of the potential member. After receiving this information, Jen will send an email to the new member and the sponsor, which will include an introductory welcome letter and listserv registration information. Jen will subsequently post the biosketches of new members to the BRAIN listserv as a means of introducing them to the group. Here is a sample biosketch:

  • Julie Smith: I completed an Internship at University of X, graduated from Y University, and completed a fellowship at Memphis VA two years ago. I am currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon and licensed in Oregon. I primarily conduct clinical, adult based assessments, with some research in fMRI of dementias. I am married with two children and still adjusting to life in Oregon. I plan on submitting my materials next month and plan to take the exam at INS next spring. I would like to join a study group prior to INS. My email address is My sponsor is NAME.

Listserv Rules and Terms of Use

Before (and periodically after) joining the listserv, be sure to review the BRAIN rules and terms of use.

Managing Your Listserv Account

If you are already a BRAIN member, use this link to Manage Your Listserv Account. That page tells you, for example, how to put your account on “vacation” or change how you receive messages.

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