Flash Cards

When preparing for the written exam, some folks like to work off of structured notes. Some prefer a “flash card” self-quizzing system. BRAIN members have translated many of our written notes onto electronic flash cards. Thousands of cards have been generated, with more coming on-line on a monthly basis. Note that all the caveats that apply to the written notes also apply to the flash cards; like a friend’s class notes, the cards are believed to be accurate and relevant, but their complete accuracy and relevance are not guaranteed.

The flash cards are found on a web site called flashcardexchange.com. You do not need to pay any fees to take quizzes and construct memory games, although some features, such as downloading and printing the cards, require a small paid registration.

How To Access the Flash Cards

  • Go to the flashcardexchange.com home page
  • From the home page, you can create your own free or paid (“full membership”) account if you would like, or you can go right to the card archive by typing into the Search box the letters “NIPG” (this stands for “neuropsychologists in progress group”-our old group name before we became BRAIN)
  • The search will indicate the number of card sets associated with the “tag” called nipg. Click on the blue or purple “nipg” tag in the search results, and you will be brought to the index of card sets that have been made so far.
  • Click on the card set you want to go through.
  • Click on the option you want (usually “study” or “play memory”).
  • Your keyboard will allow you to navigate through the cards. See the “study controls” on the left side of the web page for a listing of navigation keys.