Foundations for Board Certification

This is the “what to know before you start.” If you are a graduate student, or thinking about graduate school, this is where you would start. We guide you to the Houston Conference on Training in Clinical Neuropsychology for an understanding of how to best shape your training experiences to prepare you for board certification in Neuropsychology. These criteria are closely followed in the official guidelines for the American Board of Clinical Psychology. Of course, it is well recognized that there is flexibility in what is needed and in what is available in any given graduate program and geographic locale. If you are further along in your training, this information would be summarized in credentials review. This infographic from the American Board of Profession Psychology illustrates the pathway to board certification. Board Certification Pathway

An extensive ABCN board preparation workshop is offered several times each year at professional meetings of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, International Neuropsychological Society, and National Academy of Neuropsychology.