Oral Examination Study Schedule

Below is an example of a 7-week group study schedule in preparation for the oral examination, in which each member of the 4-person group, in rotation, presented both of their practice samples and also underwent a mock fact-finding exam. Each of the phone conferences lasted two hours, with one topic devoted to the noon hour, and another the 1 pm time slot. Remember, this is just an example.

Date Noon Topic 1:00 pm Topic
9/9/2005 Jane case Fact-finding–Fred
9/16/2005 Susan case Fact-finding–Jane
9/23/2005 John case Fact-finding–John
9/30/2005 Jane case Fact-finding–Susan
10/7/2005 Susan case Ethics
10/14/2005 John case Fred case
10/21/2005 Fred case Communal freak-out

Group Phone #s

John 123-456-7890
Jane 123-456-7890
Susan 123-456-7890
Fred 123-456-7890