Study Notes

Overview of Written Exam Study Notes

This site is a great source of study notes for the ABPP/ABCN written exam. However, don’t abandon common sense in using them. These study materials are constantly being edited. They have helped many people who have successfully completed the ABCN certification process, but there is no guarantee that they will work for you. The notes’ authors, web site host, and everyone else involved in the creation and distribution of these study notes make no promises as to the complete accuracy or relevance of the material.

The notes were originally written by various BRAIN members who were in the process of their own exam preparations and have been edited since that time. Because there is no central editor (you want that unpaid job?), some sets of notes overlap and they do not necessarily follow a well-defined organizational plan.

BRAIN members are invited to edit these notes and create additional sets. Before you create a new set of notes, please look at the existing notes to minimize overlap and help improve organization. Also, don’t forget to add a link to the new notes in this table of contents, or else your work could get orphaned in cyberspace!