Join Support and Survivor Groups

You have heard the stories. You know that most who take the exams and persist with studying, training, and work with support groups make it across the finish line. But that does not mean that many do not meet bumps along the way. Some will not pass a given step in the process the first time, and perhaps not the second time. BRAIN has developed strategies and support groups to assist these survivors in successfully making it to the next stage in the board certification process. Contacts for survivor and support groups are.

Support, and Survivor Group Coordinators

• Written Exam group coordinator: Janine Tiago

• Oral Exam group coordinator: John Linck

As you probably know by now, or will know soon, the ABPP written exam is a psychometrically designed test to hit an overall difficulty level such that a score of 70 or higher is passing.

Neuropsychology represents a broad and diverse base of knowledge, so test items have to be carefully selected to, on average, represent what would be considered a competent knowledge base for a practicing neuropsychologist. But no 100 items can fully represent all of the knowledge and practice expertise encompassed in Neuropsychology. Many talented neuropsychologists have experienced difficulty at some stage of board certification process. So take heart, you can do it with time and effort!

Be Ready for ABPP in Neuropsychology